Pignataro Primitivo di Manduria

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Production area: Apulian

Land: Sandy and cly.

Grape variety: Primitivo di Manduria 100%

Age of vineyards: 10/40 years.

Cultivation system: Espalier pruning cordon, apulian sapling, with density of 45500 plants per hectare.

Vinification: Destemming of grapes and cold maceration at 10/12°C for 18/36 hours. Alcoholic fermentation at controlled temperature and racking 6 days after the end of thereof. Soft pressing of the marc.

Maturation: After fermentation Is racked Into French oak barrels of medium toasting, where takes place the manolactic fermentation and matured for 6 months. It Is then bottled with aging in the bottle for 4 months.

Colour: Deep red violet reflections.

Fragrance and taste: Intense and fruity with harmonic spicy notes with a taste soft and persistent with a long wisely balanced tannin.

As an Accompaniment to: Red meat on the grill, pasta with red meats typical Mediterranean dishes and slightly seasoned cheeses. Serve at 18/20°C.