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Production Area: In the heart of Valle d’Itria

Land: Calcareous red groud

Grape Variety: Negroamaro 100%

Age Of Vineyards: 15 Years

Cultivation System: Espalier dry prunning typical of trees

Per hectare production: 4500 plants per hectare

Vinification: after a soft maceration and fermentation Infrench oak vats, a maturation In oak french barrels for 4-6 months follows. This process ends with a bottle aging for 6 months.

Maturation: In French oak barrels for 4 months

Colour: deep red

Fragrance And Taste: Full and typical with fruity and spicy notes

Alcohol content: 13,5%

As An Accompaniment To: the heavy tannic note makes this wine Ideal with red meat or savoury first courses.